BIOBIKE is the most advanced and original cycle-ergometer maker in the world. For the first time you can modify the cycle-ergometer measures without having to give up pedaling or the cyclist to get off the cycle-ergometer. An array of actuators make that the distance between, per example, pedals and saddle or handlebar and bottom bracket can by changed by clicking your computer mouse.


The link between SPORT LAB and BIOBIKE is very intense facing a future that will make both companies go further on. Apart of distributing BIOBIKE in Spain, Portugal and South Amercia, BIOBIKE and SPORT LAB will develop a product range, will define marketing and commercial strategies and tackle the cycle-ergometer manufacturing  in Spain.


SPORT LAB deeply thanks BIOBIKE the trust they put in us and they both laid the foundation stone of a side by side futuro to BIOBIKE here.


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